A value that creates a shared value

The Sofidel Group has always worked to minimize its environmental impact and maximize the benefits for all its stakeholders: this is our vision of sustainability.

Focus on sustainability

In Sofidel’s vision, there is a fundamental point regarding the role of companies: they must not only aim to produce and distribute goods and services, but also to guarantee lasting social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders.

This is why Sofidel has made sustainability a strategic level for development and growth, constantly striving to:

  • minimize the environmental impact of production processes and products;
  • enhance the economic and social benefits, thus creating shared value.

Nicky products have always pursued this vision through important partnerships in support of the environment and society.

Less is more

The philosophy behind it all is „Less is more”, doing more with less. This principle guides the entire work of the Group by translating into three concrete actions:

  • contain all types of environmental impact (procurement, production, logistics, offices);
  • reduce waste;
  • promoting responsible consumption.

We want to make products by progressively reducing their ecological footprint and at the same time increasing their quality.

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