All our passion made tissue.

From technical requirements to certifications: behind the paper you use every day at home there is much more detail in producing paper.

Nicky – Smart Paper

Nicky products are produced by the Sofidel Group.

Nicky products are produced from the most innovative paper mill and converting technologies. They represent Sofidel Group innovation capability, aimed at meeting consumers and customers’ needs. Today, Nicky products are distributed in several countries, keeping a common ground in terms of product assortment, core values and creativity. Consistently with Sofidel Group, each product we produce and distribute integrates a strong and daily attention to the environmental sustainability. Nicky’s main objective is to provide our customers and prospects with a complete overview of Sofidel’s production capacity, and to offer to our beloved consumers an efficient answer to their needs, adapting our approach basing upon local buying behaviours.
Smart Paper” means Nicky is really your best household ally, whatever you need and beyond.

Transparent, like our packaging.

The values ​​of ethics and transparency have always distinguished the Sofidel Group and we at Nicky are one of the few brands in the entire paper sector that has decided to be transparent also on the products we sell. Whenever you buy a Nicky product, you can easily find all the information you need to understand what you are really buying:

  1. a brief description explains the unique characteristics and possible uses of the paper you are purchasing;
  2. the distinctive technical characteristics are clearly indicated on each product, such as the number of ply, weight and length;
  3. all the references necessary to receive information about our products are always present, through the website, email or our free customer care line number.

The choice of a completely disruptive packaging among the tissue sector mirrors our willingness to provide our final customer only with the important pieces of information.

In a World where we are continuously bombarded by news, pop ups, banners, information, we applied to our packaging the criteria for which “Less is more”: less words, more communicative effectiveness.

FSC certification

The prevalence of raw material made up of virgin cellulose has prompted the Sofidel group to adopt a precise purchasing policy, thus choosing the most popular and widespread forestry custody certification: the FSC certification.
Forest Stewardship Council is the independent non-governmental, non-profit organization founded in 1993 to promote responsible management of global forests.
The FSC mark on Nicky products ensures that they derive from forests managed according to strict environmental, social and economic standards. Nearly 900 organizations have joined this certification and WWF and Greenpeace are among the most important members.
For Nicky, it is not a simple sticker, but a basic orientation that guides the whole Group: 100% of the cellulose we use comes from sources certified according to the PEFC, FSC and SFI standards.

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